6 Actions for Every MBA Before Graduating


This post was most recently updated on June 25th, 20196 Actions Every MBA Must Take Before Graduation Sure, there’s the coursework, but the benefits to be reaped when getting your MBA go beyond the classroom. It’s like a 3rd job – determining how to max out on all the positive gains to be had during […]

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9 Key Work Perks that Millennials Demand


As the workplace changes to accommodate Millennial lifestyles, it’s important to be able to weed through the fluff, smoke, and mirrors. Millennial Moms, especially, should demand 9 Key Work Perks. Working Moms: you especially need to be able to stand firm at the negotiating table to request the most important perks to make you happy […]

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How Moms Can Get More Sleep


…before kids go to Kindergarten! As my oldest turns 5 this week, I was astounded to stop and think that I have been running on limited sleep for 5 years! I made a mistake that a lot of moms make – the habit of being the martyr. I’d tell my husband that I was sleeping […]

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Letter to My Dear Youngest Child

dear youngest child

Dear Son, Today, I will keep this rocking chair. You are about to turn 3. The stages are moving past me so fast. I’ve already given away your baby toys, took down the baby gate, wrestled down your pacifier, and gone is your crib. But I can’t give up this rocking chair. As long as […]

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