23 Spring Activities Outside for Kids

spring outside activities for kids

This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2019

I am so ready for Free Spring Outside Activities for Kids as soon as the snow melts.


It’s been a long winter here in the Midwest and love that we have a deck and a fenced in backyard to let loose the little kids on. This year, I challenge you – and myself – to check off this list. All FREE and gets you outdoors with nature!

Raking – my kids loved helping to clean up the yard after the snow was gone! And because leaf piles

Sandbox – then they rediscovered their sandbox and spent hours in it!

Swing – they love the circle web swing we have on a tree in the backyard!

Washing their Bikes – mine love to mimic us by washing their bikes and trikes!

Biking to the Park – naturally after the above

Collect Pinecones – lots of crafts to be had!

Bubbles – bubble shooters, bubble machines now they have giant bubble hands!

Lunch al Fresco – they think it’s a treat when we sit out on the deck! This is a great time for rice, too!

Sidewalk Chalk – it’s exciting again after the long winter

Paint rocks with chalk paint – fun for Easter

Build a Birdhouse – working on skills and they will be excited to have to fill it

Build a Bughouse – this might intrigue the boys, or girls

Sow Seeds – my kids a excited about our wildflowers to bring beneficial bees!

Prepare the Garden – Let them help pick out which fruits and veggies to plant this year and design it together!

Watercoloring – because there’s less freak-out probability with paint outside

Jump in Muddy Puddles – this will happen no matter what

Fly a Kite – a rite of passage

Scavenger Hunt – for whatever they can find in the yard

Obstacle Course – I love when they can take it outside

Water Table – splash away

Bonfire – with careful supervision, and make s’mores!

Clean up Litter – is a fun game and in time for Earth Day

Treasure Hunt – draw up a treasure map!

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What kind of traditions and memories do you want to build this Spring?

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