4 Fun Fall Activities to Take your Kids

fun fall activities

This post was most recently updated on May 9th, 2019

Fall in Minnesota is always cherished- for the 3 days it seems to last…

Another reason to hate the cold here- all of the bundling up required for the littles- especially when the 4 year old refuses coats!

I declare Saturdays for us to get out and expend energy, as I can’t study when I have them alone, anyway. Here’s where we’re planning some fun adventures!

fun fall activities for kids

4 Fun Fall Activites to Take Your Kids

Pumpkin Patching – look around for high school fundraisers and local farmers. We have some that bring in blown up bouncy houses! My toddlers had the most fun chasing each other down the aisles of pumpkins than actually picking them out :\

Local Corn Maze – this is Midwest specific, but I bet you have a local special site equivalent!

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Apple Orcharding – everywhere there’s hayrides, etc.

Indoor fun fests – lots of Halloween-themed events for kids happening at the grocery stores, and

Yes, there are a lot of indoor options here, from community centers to malls hosting warm trick-or-treating parties. The point is to dedicate time so when I am pouring over books and crafting essays on Sundays, I can focus knowing my mom hours were logged.

What adventures are your fall traditions?

Look ahead to Spring Activities!

I like this Twin Cities Guide to Indoor Play Areas

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