4 Tricks to Prepare for an MBA – without the GMAT

This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2019

No GMAT? No Problem!

I don’t have a business degree undergrad. So I wanted to ensure I wouldn’t be lost when starting B-school and especially when entering Finance classes.


Do you want to bypass the GMAT? Yes, you totally don’t have to take the GMAT! My school does not require it yet it is still an accredited, fantastic business school.

Busy moms now have the option to attend a quality business school without studying and sitting through the GMAT because the trend in recent years is for- top schools even- to make it optional it as an admissions requirement – or even drop it all together!

There are other ways to find proficiency in the Quant, Accounting, Finance courses to get ready for the MBA!

Here are the 4 Tricks to Prepare for an MBA

* that really helped me to prepare for QUANT and Finance and Accounting.

1. Free Online Courses

One example is Coursera – free (and paid) courses, including an “MBA” through Wharton

2. Corporate Finance Institute

I found their Tutorial on Accounting Basics very friendly and included spreadsheets to do practice problems.

3. MBA programs offer Prerequisite course(s)

My school offers it, but I felt personally I could get myself up to speed by these other methods. If you are short on time and want a readymade course, then go for it!

4. Take a Course in Advanced Excel – Pivot Tables

Knowing how to do some formulas and chart-making will be really beneficial, especially in my Critical Thinking course.

I recommend brushing up using any of these tricks if you don’t use them in your daily or work lives. I plan to take an Excel Pivot Tables class through my work before next semester- when I have the finance coursework. We use it everywhere at my company and so it’s a win-win to learn now.

What ways do you know to teach yourself quant? Get familiar with Excel Equations!

Ready to Get Started? 3 Tips if You’re a Mom Thinking about an MBA

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