5 Tips to Personalize your Business Attire

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This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2019

So now you have your MBA Capsule Wardrobe, but how do you show your personality and not be all-business all.the.time?

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After years of nursing, I got used to NOT wearing much for jewelry and accessories because they will get pulled on, broken, taken, or spilled on in some way. I found it so easy to give up that extra effort. Now that I indulged again in establishing a non-nursing-friendly-wardrobe, I rediscovered my joy in adding special touches to show off my style!

I’m also more conscious of my presentation at work. Self-awareness is key to becoming a leader and developing relationships. In my 20’s I may not have tried so hard, but I have a vision of my path now. Think about the leaders you work for who you admire and command respect, then contrast that with those who don’t. See it?

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5 Tips to Personalize your Business Style

Accessorize with your jewelry

I like a statement necklace or tiny bar earrings. Teardrop earrings I’m also loving. I’m a major fan of a personalized bar necklace that I’ve engraved with my kids’ names!


Wedges, boots, heels, oh my!

Flattering colors

Red flare for school colors! Or bright pink or lavender…


Play with Velvet pants or blazer, Chenille sweater. Leather lined blazer. Metal side-zipper slim pant.

Functional and Stylish Handbag

I struggled to find a cute bag that had a laptop sleeve- why is it so hard?! Is it just me?! Anyway, I would highly recommend this combo. I love love love this one. Some in my cohort do have a backpack, but seems out of place to me.

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