5 Trends for New Women MBA’s


This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2019

In trying to find recent data on women and the newest MBA’s, I had to do a lot of research around on different articles and sources. There is so much reported on Full Time Top 10 MBA programs, but not enough on Part Time regional schools.

5 Trends for New Women MBA’s:

1. Women in Full Time MBA programs has dropped over the past 5   years:

  • While the schools are offering incentives to recruit women, could it be that they should focus on part time programs? GMAT score-senders for part time programs are listed at 36%, but this doesn’t count those programs that don’t require the test

2. Full time women MBA’s are 38%:

  • Again, promising, but since it isn’t rising in the last 5 years, is it because part time programs are more attractive for women?

3. Millennials represent 9 in 10 part time MBA’s:

  • Cohort-based programs – where you lockstep with the same group of students throughout the courses- are up in applications. We prefer the group experience!

4. 34% more women went to online MBA program:

  • More proof of flexibility needed for women vs. traditional programs

5. Women make up 47% of degrees from business schools

  • This includes Accounting, Supply Chain, and Human Resources specializations, for example, not just MBA’s, which explains that women are almost fully represented, it’s just that they might choose a specific path in the school of business

Clearly women are making overall strides in business schools, and some schools are still trying very hard to recruit women by dangling scholarships. While the cost is a big factor, so is time. Women crave flexibility in a program that allows them to easily overlap work and home with school in the mix.

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5 Trends for New Women MBAs

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