6 Actions for Every MBA Before Graduating


This post was most recently updated on June 25th, 2019

6 Actions Every MBA Must Take Before Graduation

Sure, there’s the coursework, but the benefits to be reaped when getting your MBA go beyond the classroom. It’s like a 3rd job – determining how to max out on all the positive gains to be had during your time as an MBA.

Sounds exhausting? You’re already working, managing family, have you even seen your BFF since NYE?!

Make the time now because that 2 years is flying by and the doors may close!


1. Networking, Social Activities, Happy Hours, Study Sessions

Boozy Punch and wings after a Midterm and Final? Yay! This shouldn’t take much arm-twisting, but unless your kids stay up way late, you can make the effort to stop for a drink with your cohort. Your family can spare you. Build camaraderie and let off steam.

Have access to a boat? A cabin? A favorite leisure spot? Organize an outing to build those relationships with your cohort.

Also think of it as extracurricular – prime chances for you to hone your communication skills, public speaking, and working in teams.

Take advantage of those school sponsored events to network like a boss! And it’s especially important for women to be themselves.

2. Informational Interviews

Take a look at your LinkedIn network, managers at your firm, or friends who have friends in that industry you’ve been considering.

Make contact and invite them for coffee to learn more.

3. Your School’s Resources – Career Counseling

They are here to help you. Make an appointment and let them take the wheel. Get in with the experts who have their eyes and ears open to all directions for you.

4. Concentrate in a Challenging Field

Loved the Finance class? Wondering if you can make the switch from your current industry but unsure if you can cut it? Now is the time to seize those opportunities for massive personal growth. And if it’s too outside your comfort zone – then it’s exactly what you should be doing. Stay on your professors for extra help if needed.

5. Study Abroad

This is a bit of a sore subject for me, but if you do have the option, do the international seminar! (And don’t let your school take it away!) When else are you going to have the excuse – no – opportunity to learn abroad and escape the family for a week or more?!

6. Internship

This may be a real world opportunity that you need if you haven’t been in the corporate environment lately.

So what did you find to be the most important extra-curricular activity?

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