6 Easy Veggie Preps for Your Littles

This post was most recently updated on May 9th, 2019

As I dash between work and school,

I need to know that my kids will be eating something healthy- or just not total junk. When they are with my husband, he  will do what is easy and keeps smiles on their faces- or stops the whining.

I am a total proponent of getting littles into the habit of eating and enjoying their veggies in real form, but I will also always go for inconspicuous dishes – because, hey, sometimes I like my spinach hidden, too!

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6 Easy Veggie Preps for your Littles

For keeping home stocked with healthy options to grab for the littles, for especially when you can’t be there due to working late or night school:

1. Applesauce with Veggies

Blend unsweetened applesauce with cooked sweet potato and toss in a handful of spinach and any frozen fruit I have on hand: strawberries, tart cherries, pineapple- you got it.

I make a batch that lasts all week and refill silicone squeeze pouches. These are my absolute fave score, because they are super easy to clean (unlike the usual stiff plastic pouches), reduces waste, and your wallet will thank you!

2. Salad with yummy dressing

My kids do love lettuce, I wonder if they are bunnies, but if they are over the plain variety, they seem to come running for it with creamy Avocado Ranch dressing. Dad can just pour it on. Stick to Romaine and Spinach for the best nutrient punch.

Whip up fresh basil, pesto cube, greek yogurt and vinegar for fresh green goddess!

3. Carrot Sticks

Because – easy, add dip – said Ranch or Hummus

4. Steamed Green Beans 

Or whatever stick veggie they are all over, pre-cooked and ready to heat

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5. Avocado

Butter of the gods, all things goodness, my kids eat halves with a spoon and a dash of pink salt. Another fun idea is to put cubes of avocado in a tortilla cup- my kiddies love Avocado Boats!

6. Grape Tomatoes

I have one kiddo who will pop them like candy, find your fave veggie for yours and keep it available

I hope you find these tips helpful! Drop me your comments and questions below!

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