9 Key Work Perks that Millennials Demand


As the workplace changes to accommodate Millennial lifestyles, it’s important to be able to weed through the fluff, smoke, and mirrors. Millennial Moms, especially, should demand 9 Key Work Perks.

Working Moms: you especially need to be able to stand firm at the negotiating table to request the most important perks to make you happy and live your best life.

Companies: need to listen up and address real benefits and not gimmicks.

9 key work perks millennial moms want

I am a Millennial but I have a family and very few of us are in single or childless (that’s Gen Z). Time to adjust to the biggest generation in the workforce to what we are actually attracted to, and no more window dressing.

9 Key Work Perks Millennials Demand

What Millennials Don’t Want:

Beer & Wine Fridge

Ping Pong Table

Free Lunches

Lounge couches

What Millennials Do Really Want:

Market Value Compensation

Affordable Health Care

Flexible Work Hours

Remote Work Options

Generous PTO or Unlimited Vacation, Long-Term Paid Parental Leave

Career Development Path

Being Respected and Having Opinions Heard

Tuition Reimbursement

Profit-Sharing or 401k Match

…And, if organizations are offering casual dress code as a bonus – this is expected (if you’re not in a courtroom).

It’s time to stop viewing Millenniels as a freebie-happy group. We are mature with families and what matters most is total life satisfaction.

According to this Harvard article, companies need to focus on employee engagement, which has zero to do with nap pods. It has everything to do with great leadership.

As busy moms, we want to work at work (or home) and flex out early to attend a parent-teacher conference, not use the daytime to play foosball.

For moms of young children plus attending grad school means we require the most flexibility and understanding from our managers. When our bosses value us as human beings who have lives outside of work, we will want to stay.

We hope the corporations are listening, but here’s what you can do now: Ask and require the top 5 most important benefits for you.

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