Easy Recipes for Cooking with Kids


This is a Roundup of my favorite Easy Cooking with Kids Recipes! This natural mama has selected clean, homemade gems! These are super simple for your child to gain various skills in the kitchen. And bonus – quality time together!

Why is this important? This is twofold: it gets you help in the short-term, so your time is freed up for other tasks. They soon will become equipped to make themselves a healthy snack after school without nagging you. And second: a lifelong love of cooking and enjoying what you’ve made yourself. This is all a part of the journey to independence.

Are you hesitant about your little one wielding a knife? Me too, until I found ceramic knives that are perfect for little hands and not sharp enough to require a potential ER visit.

Easy kid recipes

Easy Cooking with Kids Recipes

1. When you toddler leaves half-eaten bananas all over, don’t toss them – freeze ’em! When I have amassed enough I round my littles in the kitchen for Banana Bread making.

Joyful Healthy Eats The Best Healthy Banana Bread

2. Nothing is more fun for kids than helping with the muffins cups. This weekend we made these yummy Blueberry Muffins.

Simply Natural Mama Super Moist Blueberry Muffins/

3. Your kids should be able to manage an age-appropriate knife. Get them skilled at chopping veggies for this bright take on Italian Pasta Salad.

4. Kids are dip-obsessed and they can help melt up this clean cheesy Queso Blanco!

Cooking Classy Queso Blanco Dip

5. Wrap it up with your kids for a fun handheld Thai Peanut Wrap sandwich, loaded with veggies!

SpicedBlog Thai Peanut Wraps

6. In July our bonus Tart Cherry tree explodes for a very quick week with beautiful red cherries! My 5 year loves to help pick, pit, and bake. We freeze some for applesauce or smoothie additions, a simple syrup for jazzing up lemonade, cherry gummies, or bake up some cherry danish.

Mama Natural Sweet Sour Cherry Lemonade

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