How I made $300 this Week from Side Gigs

make extra cash this week

This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2019

First, go grab my list of the gigs in my first post:

8 Side Hustles for Extra Cash

Now, I will tell you the exact companies that I worked with, what my experiences were, and how much time I invested (not much!).

I may receive a commission or referral bonus if you purchase or sign up for something mentioned in my post. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting MBA Mom Life.

make $300 this week

How I made $280 this Week from Side Gigs

I love getting my hands on easy side hustle ideas – the only problem with most of them is that it takes way too long to make money. Many of the survey sites pay only in points that you accumulate and redeem in gift cards. Not bad, but not fast – and not cash!

So I carefully selected only the best, fast, easy, well-paying companies for you that I can vouch for.

Gig #1

My first week I did two secret shops for Bestmark for a couple of local daycare centers. It wasn’t so far-fetched- as I do have two little ones including a soon-to-be three year old I will be sending to Preschool. It only took a short phone call, tour, and then online evaluation. $70 for both – not bad for a couple of hours.

Gig 1.2

Here’s a bonus!

I loved the secret fine dining shopping experiences – you get reimbursed up to $100, for two diners at some very nice restaurants. Hey, free date night dinner! All you need is a sitter!

Bestmark pays for referrals so I sent my friends to earn cash, too. This is money right in your bank!

Gig #2

My next experience was through Respondent. They have many available research studies, and you pick which ones match you. I selected a short qualifying survey that was seeking people employed in my field. Then I was chosen by the researcher to schedule the Video call. It was super easy, and I got $125 for 30 minutes of effort! (minus a small fee)

Respondent also pays you for referrals – some are very handsomely rewarded! I sent my new mom friend a link to a survey just for nursing moms.

Gig #3

I have an ongoing gig with Fiverr for my Ancestry Research and Genetic Genealogy analysis. After my first month of gigs, I was able to raise my rates above $5 and still get interest.

While it’s easy to sit back and wait for gigs to come to you, I found the platform a little glitchy. For example, someone accidentally requested and order for me and when someone cancels an order, it drives down your visibility. Another person requested an order without communicating with me first, and it turned out I wasn’t going to be able to help, so that cancelled order affects my appearance negatively, too. I couldn’t find an easy way to report the issues.

I did get some positive feedback so I’m hoping to ride that wave on Fiverr! This is a great platform if you have some skills to offer – so many buyers are seeking help, and they are looking for you!

There you have it – and this was just one week! Stop wasting time on nickel and dime – get some cash rolling in this week!

What would you do with extra cash each month?

Pay off student loans faster?

Reduce credit card debt?

Fund a new car?

Grow your savings?

Invest in 529 for your children’s college?

Increase your retirement?

Buy that house?

makeeextracash thisweeksidegigs

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