How Moms Can Get More Sleep


…before kids go to Kindergarten!

As my oldest turns 5 this week, I was astounded to stop and think that I have been running on limited sleep for 5 years!

I made a mistake that a lot of moms make – the habit of being the martyr.

I’d tell my husband that I was sleeping in on Sunday! But then it would roll around and creepy little heads would pop up next to me at 7:15 am, and awake I would be.

I was already programmed to waking up early, anyway, so I’d just do the coffee, lounge on the couch – pick up toys routine.

To top it off, I cannot easily nap, ever so rare that I could take advantage.

Turns out – this is expected for moms, according to this Sleep study. Moms are suffering from lack of sleep long after night wakeups are through. In fact, we do not regain pre-baby sleep hours until after we send them off to Kindergarten!

So this lack of zzz’s is just par for moms, who of course have it worse than dads. I just hope I don’t have to wait until my youngest rides the bus.

So even though we beg to just be moms, uninterrupted on Mothers’ Day, we should be demanding this every weekend. Then, we would have less resentment.

The study has revealed that we need to take charge to improve our sleep quantity, and I will share the tips with you.

Protips for Moms to Earn More Sleep!

1. Turn off the Phone in Bed

Do it. Do it. Do it.

2. Pop Turmeric

What a natural and healthy way to ease into sleep. I’ve started taking this recently and love it for all it’s wonderful benefits.

How to Make More Me Time for Moms

3. Set the Environment

Maybe you are like me and are super sensitive to light and sounds. Create a ritual: prepare the bedroom with very low to no light interference – difficult, with all the glowing gadgets. And since the hubby likes a loud white noise, I’ve grown to like it for drowning out any external sounds.

If scents put you in the mood, diffuse some lavender essential oil.

4. Drop the Guilt

Your kids won’t miss you for a few hours. Sure, they’ll first try to bar the door down. But they will get used to it. They need refreshed, happy mom more than grumpy, martyr mom.

5. Request a Massage

Either your kids or your partner can help with this.

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