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This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2019

Class this week really hit home for me.

Women in the workforce sell themselves short.


I even caught myself guilty of 2nd Generation Gender Bias: It’s the subtle and unintentional ways we don’t get ahead into leadership roles.


It’s how women will shy away from Job Descriptions that are slightly above their skillset. Whereas men will reach for them even if they don’t meet the requirements. How women are judged not by their performance, but if they are liked, or what they wear.

I admit that, being a mom, I was happy with work and home life…until now. Yes, it was my choice to stay in a role that didn’t have long hours and was flexible. But now I want more.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Did you know that there are masculine and feminine adjectives in Job posts that can attract women applicants or repel men applicants and vice versa?

How about how men get promoted on potential, while women on past accomplishment?

This yearly study reviews data on Women in the Workplace.

It’s eye-opening how little ground we’ve gained.

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How to Proceed With Boldness

And I as I’ve written about the Fear of taking on an MBA, I wonder how many of the men gave it a second thought. Our default state of mind should be to Proceed with Boldness! The moment I stepped foot in Orientation I my confidence has shone and my whole presence at work has shifted.

And did you know there’s a real thing called Power Posing? Take on a Power Pose, stand up, and your mind be filled with confidence.

Women aspire to top leadership positions less than men, and since we gravitate towards those who are similar to us, unless more women are at the top, it will continue to be the status quo. I’m not interesting in the C-suite, but I’m going to seek out strong female managers to help coach me on my new path. Finding mentors is key.

What else do you do to forge your path and overcome bias?

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