How to Travel for Business When You’re a Mom

This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2019

I was fortunate to have to travel to Italy for a work summit, and while this is exciting, it also leaves my husband to wrangle the little ones alone for 6 days.

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How to Travel for Business When You’re a Mom

I wanted to make my time away as easy as possible. These are the successful tips I had implemented to make it smooth for my kids:

1. Talk to my 4 year old about my trip in advance. I wanted him to have a few days to think it over, and not have it be a surprise.

2. In this era, we’re lucky to have free access to FaceTime, int’l phone calls, SnapChat, etc. So my plan is to check in with my family as much as I can.

3. I told him I would bring him a present back from Italy! That part helped. I remember my dad doing this when I was little, and it’s a fond memory.

4. Take lots of photos & videos to share when you return and describe your trip to them!

Now the part for you!

– This is a time I really enjoyed not having to be in Mom mode – however strange!- for a few days. Soak it in!

– Take the time to reflect on you and check in with yourself. How often – never! – do you get to think about you and making sure you’re keeping yourself primed to be the best you for your family?

– If you have the option- sleep in, take a nap, go to the spa, buy a bag!

Even though I was jet-lagged in Europe I really felt I had recharged myself on things that were important to me personally-

I love to travel, try to use the local language, see as many historic sites as possible, meet new people, be adventurous with food.  I recommend doing you – whatever your niche or where your interests lay. You may never get the opportunity again!

What are your business travel hacks for making it easier for your family?

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