MBA Onboarding – What it’s Really Like

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Turns out, as a late-thirty-something –  thirty-everything – mom, I am smack in the middle of the evening MBA program’s demographic. It’s a lot of working women with under 5’s. I am relieved… but also challenged? I am not the only one, but I am not the only one, so I have to perform at the same level with the same pressures at home.

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So what is MBA Onboarding Really Like

I am loving my cohort, and have already made some friends. This is a big plus for moms who haven’t had time away from kids in years. There are so many lamentations about the complex world of making mom friends. I finally feel like I’ve swum above the surface after many years of pregnancy-nosleep-nursing-solitary to take a big breath and reintegrate myself, get out and have fun with friends! Wait, where did they go?!

We’ve been eased into the readings and are focusing on applying our coursework right into our daily work. I’m also not the only student who didn’t major in management.

So if you are wondering if you can cut it as a mom of littles and no business background? I can assure you the right MBA program exists out there for you. And I encourage you to seek out alumni, as they were a first-hand insight in my program.

I’m not in the Ivy league, and I’m not in an online college mill, but I want to share my experience of the local part-time evening MBA student. While I’ve worked in the corporate world in IT for over a decade, I haven’t yet been a manager, so now I’m preparing myself for the next step into leadership.

I also recommend checking out the Forté Foundation, just for women MBA’s!

Are you considering the same journey? What has been holding you back? Ask me your questions!

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