3 Tips if You’re a Mom Thinking about an MBA

This post was most recently updated on May 16th, 2019

Could I make it as a mom pursuing an MBA?

For 10 years, I considered going back to school to pursue a graduate degree – even before I got married and had kids. I was unsure of my direction and where to start. Having a good mentor would have helped me navigate my path – especially a woman.

For me, it made sense to return to school after my kids were no longer babies (sigh). No more maternity leaves and pumping breaks and night wake-ups (wait-toddlers!). For you, it might be your goal to squeeze in that degree before you go into labor, or wait until your kids get to elementary school. Or leave the nest.

When you’ve decided that you will now make the time to refocus on me again, how do you craft a plan and put into action to win at work, wife, and mom?

Are you a mom thinking about an MBA?

Are you working and wondering how you can invest time for school?

Here I am, facing my fear head on, returning to school part time to pursue my ‘MoMBA’.

While I blend FT work, 2 boys under 5, and my husband.

When I was serious about going back to school, I craved real actionable advice, and I’m passing what drove me to succeed onto you.

Find the Right Program for You 

Graduate School programs are evolving every year to include working moms’ need for flexibility. Not being able to dedicate time to all parts of our life equally is what drives the fear and the guilt that you can’t strive for all your goals.

There’s no data on moms in business school, but the numbers have been growing in the last 15 years, and everyone is adjusting to accommodate. Think of the positive impact it will have in teaching your children to strive for your goals.

If you’ve been thinking about going back to school, I challenge you to check out your latest local offerings. Part-time business schools are perfect for working moms because because flexibility. My school and many others have:

  •  One evening a week commitment, with some work or discussions that are submitted online. I wanted a hybrid program because the heart of Business school is working in teams and networking
  • 2 semesters a year or 3 semesters and finish in 24 months- complete at your own pace
  • Executive MBA programs run in just 1 year

Be the Master of Prioritizing

Some things are just going to have to fall by the wayside while you focus on improving you for the long run. Make a list of your top priorities for the next 2 years.

What stays in the circle?

What can wait?

It’s a very short commitment for the gain of lifelong benefits.

Slay the Fear

So after you’ve run through the logistics and narrowed down some programs that are right for you, are you still a little nervous about being a master of work, home, and school life? I want you to know that it was a terrifying decision (then), but words of affirmation and wisdom helped me push through:

Fear-Busting Tips!

1. Fear holds us back from taking opportunities that will be amazing for us! 

Fear never goes away when you pursue your dreams, but courage allows you to succeed in spite of it.

2. Our goals in life are on the other side of our fears!

This is a sign that that we must scale that wall to slay our fear to get to what we want!

3. If you are afraid, that means you need to do that the most!

Once you recognize the fear, you can’t ignore it any longer. It’s telling you that it’s your time to be brave and accept the opportunity. 

Looking for reasons to secure your decision to get an MBA?

Break it into baby steps to affirm your confidence:

– I was admitted to the MBA program- they wanted me!

– My organization supports my growth- they are giving me flexibility and funds!

– It’s not a race, I will take each semester at a time – at my own pace!

I can’t let fear of failure hold me back, because then I would have no story to tell the world! If we don’t take risks to pursue our dreams we will be left on the sidelines. Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s – carve out your own.

Start crafting your plan now Рto eliminate the stressors and set yourself up for success!

– Line up your supporters

– Research schools

– Explore your employers’ assistance

What NOT to do

Do not take on massive student loan debt – or add to your existing! If you’re pursuing a business degree, you’ve already selected a highly marketable degree that is proven to pay you for your achievement. Wondering how to pay for MBA?

There, we made it! Come with me on my MBA working mom journey and see what happens to me next !

Looking for some trends for Women MBA’s?

Please Contact Me with your questions! Or leave a comment below!


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