Time Management Hacks for Moms Going to School


When I started my MBA program, which is one night a week, we were told to expect to study outside of class 8-12 hours a week. At first, I worried I wouldn’t be able to carve out that time from my already busy schedule of work and home. I will outline what helped me realize a flexible schedule that makes life manageable.

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Time Management Hacks for Going Back to School

Are you wondering how you will manage your time among work, family, and school? What is helpful is to create a flexible schedule to shadow in lumps of time during your week. Here is my sample week:


School night. I work then my husband and I coordinate pick up of kids and meet at home. I have a few minutes to pack dinner/snacks and my bag for school. After class, I am usually revved up and sometimes I will take the material that is fresh in my mind and do assignments. Or not.

Thursday – Friday

My husband works these nights so I have to wait until the kids are in bed to study. I like to get reading and homework done early in the week so that I don’t run out of time when Tuesday rolls around.

Saturday – Sunday

My husband works Saturday days so sometimes I can study if both kids are napping or I ask my older one for quiet time. Sundays I can ask my partner to take the kids out so I can be alone.

Monday – Tuesday

My work is flexible – I can be remote and if I get my work done I am able to cram in MBA work during the day. If I was too busy to get to studying earlier in the week, then I make sure I can do it now.

The Planning Fallacy

How else can you set yourself up for success? Don’t fall into the Planning Fallacy trap! As soon as I get the next Syllabus in hand, I map out what the next 8 weeks are going to center on. There will be milestones that need to be hit so that a big paper isn’t due next week and I think I have plenty of time to cram it in.

Technology Tools

Employ all your calendars to work to your advantage: block out chunks of time, set reminders for tasks – big and small – and let others know you’re not free!

Need to watch a YouTube video for an assignment? Have it ready to play in the car so you can listen while you ride/drive.

There you have it! Best-laid plans will allow you to succeed at this Going Back to School dream!

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