Tips to Take a Sick Day for your Child

This post was most recently updated on February 5th, 2019

My 2 year old had contracted croup, and despite important work meetings where I needed to be in person, I had to stay home and tend to my child. Turns out, the organization can go on without me…at least for one day I hope :/

I enjoyed the sweet cuddles with my little one and reminded myself that one day it would be the last. But I also decided I had to take advantage of the time to do some studying.

I am fortunate that I can take a sick day on behalf of my family. And I could multitask like a true modern mom– logging in to work, editing an MBA presentation, and submitting a paper

Tips to take a Sick day for your Child

1. Work when they nap!

This is a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s all we can do not to look around and start mega-cleaning!

2. Alternative- don’t do anything except cuddle!

OK, you might not have this luxury for this day, if taking that important business call is un-postponable! Sick time is a benefit for most, so you don’t have to justify using it.

3. Take the time to recharge yourself.

You are caring for your child but also getting you-time. Take advantage.

Just like unlimited vacation benefits, we just don’t use enough sick time when we should. When it really warrants it, I mean.

We still feel like we have to rush right back to work, cut short our maternity leave, or only have mini vacations because we will lose ground in our careers.

Knowing that I had a business trip in Europe the following week, as a result of staying home with my toddler I felt we had some fulfilling bonding time that I might not have stopped to do otherwise.

So let’s take the time mamas, we owe it ourselves!

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