What Pursuing my MBA has Taught Me

This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2019

I can’t believe I’m already halfway through my second semester in Business School. When I started my journey, the 24 month-long plan seemed so daunting.

The key was to prep everyone else in my life – partner, family, work – that enabled me to quickly find my stride.

This semester is also Finance, which I jokingly referred to as the one I was dreading. I’m not terrible at math, but it had been so long since I had studied it, I let the fear creep in. Turns out accounting and formulas are a welcomed change compared to all of the presentations and writing in my first courses.

What Pursuing My MBA Has Taught Me

1.  Keep an open mind to my abilities

Just because you didn’t master algebra back in undergrad doesn’t set you up for epic failure in your current pursuits in finance. It’s not as hard as I envisioned it to be, and in fact I’m kicking butt at ratios!

2. It’s OK to say No

We were encouraged to attend the school’s networking events. Just so happens it always falls on the worst evenings when I need to be with family. And that’s OK. Instead, I choose to meet my cohort for after-final happy hour.

3.  I’m already changing, and others are taking notice

I’ve been tapped for high-priority projects with major visibility in my organization since I began my MBA. Take advantage when it comes your way!

4.  Use all the technology

I’ve used Google Meet to help my classmates video in when they are traveling and to collaborate on group projects. Use your calendar and reminders to carefully schedule study time and meet deadlines. 

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5.  Take vacations

Whether it’s a solo spring break or family winter escape – I did both this year! – it’s definitely needed to recharge and enjoy life outside of everyday stressors.

I encourage you to discover what you can learn about yourself by pursuing your goals!

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