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This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2019

Gather a plan for your 2nd Act in your career:

Defined as that time in between have very young children and after they leave the nest, when you finally have time to refocus

Whether that be going back to school or personal development or your entrepreneuse venture, BUT where do you find your inspiration to crush it this year?

I sought out working moms and wahms and entrepreneur moms and MBA Women I’d Like to Follow. They were easy to find on Linkedin and Insta and FB, their own blog, or in published articles. I voraciously read about their journeys and was excited to see their advice and experiences.

BUSINESSWomen like Sallie Krawcheck, who writes on this exact subject,

Kathy Button Bell, Entrepreneurs and writers like Rachel Hollis, Jenna Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Brené Brown.

Or maybe they are alumni, colleagues, women in business orgs, like Forté Foundation and TeamWomen.

They have all inspired me to get my MBA, fight for myself, and take my career in my own hands.

And, no, they don’t have to be all women, but for specific advice that women crave, it hits home.

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When your daily feeds consist of inspiration, combatting fear, self-belief, and real examples of women achieving, the result is it changes your own attitude.

But, why?!

Because complacency kills your career.

The downside is you will lose relevancy.

The upside…is everything you gain.

But, of course, I can’t omit Simon Sinek- you must FIND YOUR WHY.

Once you know your WHY, then you will keep your foot on the gas at every opportunity in your path.

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When I was in the throes of having my babes, I remember feeling like I had been swimming underwater, and when they got a little more independent, it felt like finally rising above the surface. I could actually think about me again.

So, if you’re approaching your next installment in your career, climb in that life boat – no, jet boat – and take control.

What have you done to direct your career? Who are you following?

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