You Need these Fail-Proof Defenses against Getting Sick

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This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2019

My two-year-old is fairly healthy, but it just seemed like he had back-to-back colds the last couple months. I was fortunate to have the option to use sick time to stay home with him, but I know not everyone can put work on hold and get paid.

This is why I employ several techniques to get an immunity boost for my whole family.

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You Need these Fail-Proof Defenses against Getting Sick

1. Vitamin D

I am 100% all in on Vitamin D. Ever since I watched this You Tube video on how deficient we are, how we can all but eradicate the flu, and avoid cancer, just by getting our daily dose of Vitamin D, it’s the one thing I make sure I take after summer ends.

If you live in the upper northern hemisphere, like we are in Minnesota, where the sun’s angle from Labor Day to Tax Day cannot deliver sunlight for our bodies to produce the hormone Vitamin D, then you MUST Supplement.

I love these Vitamin D Gummies for my kids because they have 1,000 iu, are dye-free and naturally flavored- oh, and they actually eat them!

For the grownups, we take 4,000 iu per day in 2 small gel pills.

2. Black Elderberry

Hot on the scene as of late, we swear by elderberry in our house. I found the Black Elderberry too messy, so I prefer to get these Gummies – for kids or adults.

When one of even hints at a cough or runny nose, we all pop these together to boost our immune systems, and, if we are unlucky enough to catch sick, keep taking it to shorten the duration.

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3. Essential Oils

We have our Essential Oil Diffuser running all the time. Lavender at night, Orange when cleaning. But when we need our defenses up, I go to Frankincense, Bergamot, and a combo like this Health Shield.

4. Vitamin C

An oldie but a goodie- get your Kiwi on for a big pop of Vit C!

5. Zinc

Eat your meats to meet your daily dose punch against germs.

6. Eat the Rainbow

I just don’t feel right if I haven’t gotten my veggies for the day. I’m always trying to hit the dark greens, oranges, red, and purples at lunch and dinner to stay healthy.

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What else do you do to protect your family? I’d love to read your comments!

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